Second Brigade - Third Corps - Army of the Mississippi
Brigadier General Patrick R. Cleburne

This brigade formed the left of Hardee's line, in the following order from left to right: Second Tennessee (Bate), Twenty-fourth Tennessee, Fifth Tennessee(Hill), Sixth Mississippi, Twenty-third Tennessee, the Fifteenth Arkansas in advance as pickets and skirmishers, Shoup's battalion of artillery, consisting of Calvert's, Trigg's, and Hubbard's was near Widow Howell's. The advance was begun at 6.30 a.m., Sunday, and at about 8 a.m. the brigade became engaged along Shiloh Branch, its batteries on high ground in the rear. Its progress was impeded by the marshy ground and briers of the branch. After passing these obstructions, the right-Sixth Mississippi and the Twenty-third Tennessee-charged through the camp of the Fifty-third Ohio, but were repulsed by the fire of Waterhouse's battery and the infantry of Raith's and Hildebrand's brigades. The Twenty-third Tennessee was rallied with difficulty, but the Sixth Mississippi renewed the attack with vigor, and charged again and again, until it lost 300 men out of 425 engaged. The left of the brigade met a like defeat in attempting to charge the position of Buckland's brigade and Barrett's battery, and was unable to advance until reinforced by Anderson's brigade from Bragg's corps,a and by Russell's and Johnson's brigades from Polk's corps. With these reinforcements Cleburne rallied 60 men of the Sixth Mississippi and about half of the Twenty-Third Tennessee and, in conjunction with troops from the other brigades, advanced along the Pittsburg Landing road to the point where Burrows's battery was captured, where he was joined by the Eighth Arkansas. With the fragments of these three regiments, Cleburne joined General Stewart at 12, noon in an attack upon position at Duncan House, where some of Cleburne's men were taken prisoners by the Seventh Illinois. At12.30 p.m., the Sixth Mississippi retired from the field, and the Twenty-third Tennessee was ordered to the rear to reorganize. Cleburne then went in search of the other regiments of his brigade and, at 3 p.m., found the Fifth and Twenty-fourth Tennessee and Fifteenth Arkansas resting under the brow of a hill, where they were soon joined by the Twenty-third Tennessee. The Fifth Tennessee, Twenty-fourth Tennessee, and Fifteenth Arkansas had advanced through Buckland's camp at about 10 a.m., and had joined Pond and Trabue,b and with them were engaged at 12 m. to 2.30 p.m. in front of Marsh's brigade camp, and had passed to rear of that camp when found by Cleburne. Colonel Bate, of the Second Tennessee, was wounded in front of Buckland's brigade, and the regiment was somewhat disorganized and was not again engaged on Sunday. On Monday, the Second Tennessee was engaged on the right under General Stewart. When Cleburne joined his left wing at 3 p.m. on Sunday, he advanced to the east side of Tilghman Creek, where he was engaged at 4.30 p.m. in the attack upon McClernand's sixth line. He then moved forward until he came under fire of the artillery and gunboats, where he halted until dark, when he was ordered to the rear and retired to a camp near the Bark road. On Monday, soon after daylight, he advanced along the Bark road with four regiments (Fifth, Twenty-third, and Twenty-fourth Tennessee, and the Fifteenth Arkansas), now reduced to 800 men, and became engaged in a thick underbrush at the left of General Breckinridge and the right of General Wood, where his brigade was repulsed and completely routed. The Fifteenth Arkansas was the only regiment rallied. This continued in the fight until reduced to 58 men. These were then ordered to the rear to replenish ammunition. Shoup's batteries were in position Sunday morning on high ground south of Shiloh Branch. Trigg's and Hubbard's batteries formed a part of Ruggles's line at 4 p.m. Sunday. No information in regard to these batteries on Monday.

15th Arkansas - Lieutenant Colonel Archibald K. Patton

6th Mississippi - Colonel John J. Thornton

2nd Tennessee - Colonel William B. Bate

5th (35th) Tennessee - Colonel Benjamin J. Hill

23rd Tennessee - Lieutenant Colonel James F. Neill

24th Tennessee - Lieutenant Colonel Thomas H. Peebles

Shoup's Batalion Arkansas Artillery - Major Francis A. Shoup

Trigg's Arkansas Battery - Captain John T. Trigg

Calvert's Arkansas Battery - Captain J.H. Calvert

Hubbard's Arkansas Battery - Captain George T. Hubbard