First Brigade - Fourth Division - Army of the Tennessee
Colonel Nelson G. Williams

This brigade of four regiments was encamped across the Corinth road, 1¼ miles from the river. On Sunday morning, April 6, 1862, at about 8 o'clock, it moved out on the Hamburg road and formed line of battle along the south side of the Peach Orchard field in following order form left to right: Forty-first Illinois, Twenty-eighth Illinois, Thirty-second Illinois, Third Iowa. In this position it was attacked by skirmishers from Chalmers's brigade and by artillery fire, by which Colonel Williams was disabled and the command of the brigade passed to Colonel Pugh, Forty-first Illinois. Chalmers's brigade was withdrawn and Colonel Pugh retired his brigade to the center field, where he was attacked at about 1:30 p.m. by Statham's and Stephen's brigades, and at 2:30 was driven back to the north side of the field. The Thirty-second Illinois was transferred to the left of the brigade east of Hamburg road, and lost its Lieutenant Colonel Ross, killed. As the left on the line was driven back, Colonel Pugh again fell back to the Wicker Field, where he held his line until 4 p.m., when the brigade retired, under Hurlbut's orders, to position near siege guns, where it remained in line Sunday night. The Third Iowa, occupying the right of Hurlbut's line, connected with Prentiss and remained until about 5 p.m., then retired through its camp and along Pittsburg road just before the Confederates closed their line behind Prentiss. Major Stone, commanding the regiment, was captured; other casualties of the day among the officers left the regiment in command of Lieutenant Crosley. He joined his command to the Thirteenth Iowa in the last action of the day, and then reported to his brigade commander. He commanded the regiment, in action with his brigade, the next day. On Monday the brigade formed on McClernand's left and was engaged until noon.

28th Illinois - Colonel Amory K. Johnston

32nd Illinois - Colonel John Logan

41st Illinois - Colonel Isaac Pugh

3rd Iowa - Major William M. Stone