First Brigade - Third Division - Army of the Tennessee
Colonel Morgan L. Smith

This brigade was encamped at Crump's Landing. It moved out 2 ½ miles on Purdy road to Stony Lonesome and joined the Second Brigade early Sunday morning, April 6, 1862. At 12m., it started for Shiloh by a road leading southwesterly toward the right of Sherman's camp. At about 2:30 p.m. the brigade was counter marched to the Adamsville and Pittsburg road by which it reached the battlefield about dark and bivouacked in front of the camp of the Fourteenth Missouri. On Monday the brigade formed in Perry Field, near McArthur's headquarters; the Twenty-fourth Indiana on the left, the Eleventh Indiana on the right, and the Eighth Missouri in reserve. At about 6:30 a.m. it advanced across Tilghman Creek and at 8 a.m. entered the field of Hare's brigade camp. It crossed said field in a southwesterly direction, driving back the Confederate forces, thence through the Cresent Field and to McDowell's brigade camp, where it bivouacked Monday night. Losses during the day, 18 killed and 114 wounded. The Twenty-fourth Indiana lost its lieutenant colonel, 1 captain, and 1 lieutenant killed.

11th Indiana - Colonel George F. McGinnis

24th Indiana - Colonel Alvin P. Hovey

8th Missouri - Lieutenant Colonel James Peckham