First Brigade - First Division - Army of the Tennessee
Colonel Abraham M. Hare

This brigade of four regiments, forming the right of the First Division, was encamped in Jones Field. It moved from its camp at about 8 a.m. April 6, 1862, by the left flank and formed in line of battle on the ridge between the Review field and the Corinth road, its left in edge of Duncan Field, in the following order from left to right: Eighth Illinois, Eighteenth Illinois, Thirteenth Iowa. The Eleventh Iowa, detached from the brigade, formed still farther to the right, supporting Dresser's battery at the Water Oaks Pond. In this position the three left regiments were attacked about 10 a.m. by Shaver's brigade of Hardee's corps, and at 11 a.m. were driven back across the Corinth road, the left behind the north side of Duncan Field. This position was held until McClernand advanced and recovered his camp at noon. These regiments then retired with the division, the Thirteenth Iowa participating in the repulse of Wharton's cavalry on sixth line at 4:30. Here Colonel Hare was wounded, and Col. M. M. Crocker, Thirteenth Iowa, took command of the brigade and conducted the three regiments to bivouac near the Fourteenth Iowa camp. The Eleventh Iowa, in support of Dresser's battery, fell back to the third and fourth lines with its division, and in the rally and recovery of camps in captured a standard from the enemy, and in conjunction with the Eleventh and Twentieth Illinois captured Cobb's battery. The regiment then fell back and at night was, still supporting the two remaining guns of Dresser's battery, in position at the left of the siege guns. On Monday this brigade was attached to Tuttle's command; which served as reserve for General Critttenden's division, Army of the Ohio, until about 3 p.m., when it was ordered to the front and charged the enemy southwest of Review field, the Eighth and Eighteenth Illinois each capturing one gun from the enemy.

8th Illinois - Captain James A. Ashmore

18th Illinois - Major Samuel Eaton

11th Iowa - Lieutenant Colonel William Hall

13th Iowa - Colonel Marcellus M. Crocker