Second Brigade - Sixth Division - Army of the Tennessee
Colonel Madison Miller

This brigade had three regiments in camp - a fourth assigned and reported but not yet in camp. The regiments were encamped between the Eastern Corinth road and Locust Grove in the following order from left to right: Eighteenth Wisconsin, Sixty-first Illinois, Eighteenth Missouri. The Sixteenth Iowa arrived at the Landing on Saturday, April 5, 1862. The colonel reported for duty and handed in his morning report, so that his regiment is included in Miller's report of present for duty. Not being fully equipped, the regiment did not go to camp, but remained at Landing; on Sunday it, with Fifteenth Iowa, was, by order of General Grant, held for a time near the Landing to stop stragglers, and then sent to reinforce McClernand at his fifth line, where they were engaged and lost heavily. The Eighteenth Wisconsin arrived on the field on Saturday afternoon and went at once into camp, but did not get into the morning report of that day and are not included in Miller's present for duty. The brigade was formed for battle Sunday morning at 6 o'clock 300 yards in front of its camp, at south side of Spain Field, where it was attacked by Gladden and Chalmers at 8 a.m. and was driven back into camp, and at 9 a.m. was compelled to abandon its camp. Parts of the Eighteenth Wisconsin and Eighteenth Missouri, about 300 men, formed with Prentiss at his third position and remained with him until captured at 5:30 p.m. the Sixty-first Illinois passed beyond or through Hurlbut's line and was in reserve behind that division all day Sunday, except about an hour when it relieved another regiment in front line.

61st Illinois - Colonel Jacob Fry

18th Missouri - Lieutenant Colonel Isaac V. Pratt

18th Wisconsin - Colonel James S. Alban