Fourth Brigade - Fifth Division - Army of the Tennessee
Colonel Ralph P. Buckland

This brigade was encamped with its left at Shiloh Church in the following order from left to right: Seventieth Ohio, Forty-eighth Ohio, Seventy-second Ohio. It formed for battle Sunday morning, April 6, 1862, about 200 yards in front of its camps, where it withstood the attacks of Cleburne, Anderson, and Johnson until 10 a.m. Its right flank was then threatened by Pond and Trabue and it was ordered to fall back to the Purdy road, where its formation was broken by teams and the fleeing mass moving toward the river. The colonel of the Seventieth Ohio with a portion of his regiment joined the Third Brigade of McClernand's division and fell back with it to Jones Field, where it joined McDowell's brigade and was engaged with it until 1 p.m., when it retired to the Hamburg road. The adjutant and forty men of the Seventieth joined the Eleventh Illinois and fought with it until night. The Forty-eighth and Seventy-second, after a short engagement with the enemy, retired to Hamburg and Savannah road, where Colonel Buckland reorganized his brigade and was engaged in the 4:30 p.m. affair, after which the Forty-eighth retired to the river for ammunition, where it supported a battery in the last engagement of the day, and spent the night in line near the log house, the Seventieth and Seventy-second passing the night in bivouac near McArthur's headquarters. On Monday the brigade was reunited, and, with Stuart's brigade formed Sherman's line that advanced to the right of McClernand's camps, thence southwesterly along the front of said camps to Shiloh Church, where the brigade reoccupied their camps at about 4 p.m.

48th Ohio - Colonel Peter J. Sullivan

70th Ohio - Colonel Joseph R. Cockerill

72nd Ohio - Lieutenant Colonel Herman Canfield