Second Brigade - Second Division - Army of the Tennessee
Brigadier General John McArthur

This brigade, composed of five regiments, the Ninth and Twelfth Illinois, Thirteenth and Fourteenth Missouri, and the Eighty-first Ohio, was encamped on Hamburg and Savannah road near Snake Creek. The first order to the brigade Sunday morning, April 6, 1862, disunited its regiments and sent them to different parts of the field, and they were not united again until after the battle was over. The Thirteenth Missouri went to Sherman; the Fourteenth Missouri and Eighty-first Ohio to guard Snake Creek bridge. General McArthur, with the Ninth and Twelfth Illinois and Willard's battery, moved directly south along the Hamburg road to the support of Colonel Stuart. Finding that Stuart had moved to the left rear of his camps, McArthur formed his command to Stuart's right rear just east of the Peach Orchard, the Ninth Illinois on the right next to Hamburg road; the Twelfth Illinois to its left; Willard's battery in rear of the Ninth. In this position McArthur sustained himself against Jackson's brigade until about 2 p.m., when Bowen from Reserve Corps was sent to reenforce Jackson. Under this combined attack McArthur was compelled to fall back. The Ninth Illinois, having lost 58 per cent of men engaged, retired to camp for ammunition and repairs. It was again engaged near its camp at 4:30 p.m., and then joined Tuttle's command at the Fourteenth Iowa camp, and served with him on Monday. The Twelfth Illinois fell back to a second position where it joined the Fiftieth and Fifty-seventh Illinois and was engaged until about 4 p.m., when it retired to its camp and passes the night. On Monday it was engaged with McClernand's command. The Fourteenth Missouri was engaged Sunday in a skirmish with Brewer's cavalry on the right of the Union line. On Monday it joined the Third Division and supported Thompson's battery. The Eighty-first Ohio remained on guard at Snake Creek bridge until 3 p.m. It then moved south to Hurlbut's headquarters, where it engaged in the 4:30 conflict on Hamburg road. It bivouacked on McClernand's left Sunday night and served with Marsh's command on Monday. The Thirteenth Missouri joined McDowell's brigade on Sunday and was engaged with it in the conflict with Trabue at noon. It bivouacked Sunday night near Ninth Illinois camp and joined Sherman on Monday. General McArthur was wounded on Sunday and was succeeded in command by Colonel Morton, of the Eighty-first Ohio.

9th Illinois - Colonel August Mersy

12th Illinois - Lieutenant Colonel Augustus L. Chetlain

13th Missouri - Colonel Crafts J. Wright

14th Missouri - Colonel B.S. Compston

81st Ohio - Colonel Thomas Morton