Third Brigade - Second Division - Army of the Tennessee
Colonel Thomas W. Sweeny

This brigade was composed of Eighth Iowa and the Seventh, Fiftieth, Fifty-second, Fifty-seventh, and Fifty-eighth Illinois. It was encamped between the First and Second brigades and followed the First Brigade Sunday morning, April 6, 1862, on the Corinth road to the Eastern Corinth road, where it halted in reserve. The Fifty-eighth and Seventh Illinois were at once moved forward to Duncan Field, where they formed at 9:30 a.m., on north side of the Corinth road, prolonging Tuttle's line and connecting with McClernand's left. Soon after, the Fiftieth Illinois was detached and sent to the left, where it became engaged on McArthur's left. It fell back with the Twelfth Illinois to position east of the Bloody Pond, where it was joined at about 3 p.m. by the Fifty-seventh Illinois. These regiments held their position on left of the army until 4 p.m., when they fell back and supported Stone's battery near the Landing in the last action of the day. About 11 a.m. the Eighth Iowa was put in line between Tuttle and Prentiss, where it supported Hickenlooper's battery until 5 p.m. The Fifty-second Illinois was sent, about 3 p.m., to the right. As it was moving down Tilghman Creek it ran into Wharton's cavalry, which was moving up the creek. A few volleys were exchanged by head of column, then the Fifty-second moved to the camp of the Fifteenth Illinois and was there engaged in repelling Pond's 4:30 p.m. attack. It then retired to the siege guns. The Seventh and Fifty-eighth Illinois, on Tuttle's right, and the Eighth Iowa, on his left, participated in all the engagements described in the account of Tuttle's brigade until 4 p.m., when the Seventh retired to McClernand's seventh line. The Eighth Iowa and the Fifty-eighth Illinois were surrounded and captured at the same time that Prentiss was captured. Colonel Sweeny was wounded on Sunday and was succeeded on Monday by Colonel Baldwin, Fifty-seventh Illinois.

8th Iowa - Colonel James L. Geddes

7th Illinois - Major Richard Rowett

50th Illinois - Colonel Moses M. Bane

52nd Illinois Infanrty - Major Henry Stark

57th Illinois - Colonel Silas D. Baldwin

58th Illinois - Colonel William F. Lynch