Organization of the Armies

Organization of the Union Army at the battle of Shiloh, Tenn.
April 6-7, 1862

Maj. Gen. U. S. GRANT, Commanding


First Brigade
Col. ABRAHAM M. HARE (wounded), 11th Iowa
8th Illinois:
Capt. James M. Ashmore (wounded)
Capt. William H. Harvey (killed)
Capt. Robert H. Sturgess
18th Illinois:
Maj. Samuel Eaton (wounded)
Capt. Daniel H. Brush (wounded)
Capt. William J. Dillion (killed)
Capt. Jabez J. Anderson
11th Iowa:
Lieut. Col. William Hall (wounded)
13th Iowa:
Col. Marcellus M. Crocker

Second Brigade
Col. C. CARROLL MARSH, 20th Illinois
11th Illinois:
Lieut. Col. Thomas E. G. Ransom (wounded)
Maj. Garrett Nevins (wounded)
Capt. Lloyd D. Waddell
Maj. Garrett Nevins
20th Illinois:
Lieut. Col. Evan Richards (wounded)
Capt. Orton Frisbie
45th Illinois:
Col. John E. Smith
48th Illinois:
Col. Isham N. Hayniea
Maj. Manning Mayfield

Third Brigade
Col. JULIUS RAITH (mortally wounded), 43d Illinois.
Lieut. Col. ENOS P. WOOD, 17th Illinois
17th Illinois:
Lieut. Col. Enos P. Wood
Maj. Francis M. Smith
29th Illinois:
Lieut. Col. Charles M. Ferrell
43d Illinois:
Lieut. Col. Adolph Endelmann
49th Illinois:
Lieut. Col. Phineas Pease (wounded)

Dresser's Battery (D), 2d Illinois Light Artillery, Capt. James P. Timony
McAllister's Battery (D), 1st Illinois Light Artillery, Capt. Edward McAllister (wounded)
Schwartz's Battery (E), 2d Illinois Light Artillery, Lieut. George L. Nispel
Burrows' Battery, 14th Ohio Light Artillery, Capt. Jerome B. Burrows (wounded)
1st Battalion, 4th Illinois Light Cavalry, Lieut. Col. William McCullough
Carmichael's Company Illinois Cavalry, Capt. Eagleton Carmichael
Stewart's Company Illinois Cavalry, Lieut. Ezra King

Brig. Gen. WILLIAM H. L. WALLACE (mortally wounded)
Col. JAMES M. TUTTLE, 2d Iowa

First Brigade
2d Iowa:
Lt. Col. James Baker
7th Iowa:
Lt. Col. James C. Parrott
12th Iowa:
Col. Joseph J. Woods (wounded and captured)
Capt. Samuel R. Edgington (captured)
14th Iowa:
Col. Wm. T. Shaw (captured)

Second Brigade
Brig. Gen. JOHN McARTHUR (wounded)
Col. THOMAS MORTON, 81st Ohio
9th Illinois:
Col. August Mersy
12th Illinois:
Lieut. Col. Augustus L. Chetlain
Capt. James R. Hugunin
13th Missouri:
Col. Crafts J. Wright
14th Missouri:
Col. B. S. Compton
81st Ohio:
Col. Thomas Morton

Third Brigade
Col. THOMAS W. SWEENY (wounded), 52D Illinois
Col. SILAS D. BALDWIN, 57th Illinois
8th Iowa:
Col. James L. Geddes (wounded and captured)
7th Illinois:
Maj. Richard Rowett
50th Illinois:
Col. Moses M. Bane (wounded)
52d Illinois:
Maj. Henry Stark
Capt. Edwin A. Bowen
57th Illinois:
Col. Silas D. Baldwin
Capt. Gustav A. Busse
58th Illinois:
Col. Wm. F. Lynch (captured)

Willard's Battery (A), 1st Illinois Light Artillery, Lieut. Peter P. Wood
Maj. J. S. Cavender's Battalion Missouri Artillery:
Richardson's Battery (D), 1st Missouri Light Artillery, Capt. Henry Richardson
Welker's Battery (H), 1st Missouri Light Artillery, Capt. Frederick Welker
Stone's Battery (K), 1st Missouri Light Artillery, Capt. George H. Stone

Company A, 2d Illinois Cavalry, Capt. John R. Hotaling
Company B, 2d Illinois Cavalry, Capt. Thomas J. Larison
Company C, 2d United States Cavalry, Lieut. James Powell
Company I, 4th United States Cavalry, Lieut. James Powell


First Brigade
Col. MORGAN L. SMITH, 8th Missouri
11th Indiana:
Col. George F. McGinnis
24th Indiana:
Col. Alvin P. Hovey
8th Missouri:
Lieut. Col. James Peckham

Second Brigade
Col. JOHN M. THAYER, 1st Nebraska
23d Indiana:
Col. William L. Sanderson
1st Nebraska:
Lieut. Col. William D. McCord
58th Ohio:
Col. Valentine Bausenwein
68th Ohio:
(not engaged at Shiloh; remained at Crump's Landing)
Col. Samuel H. Steadman

Third Brigade

20th Ohio:
Lieut. Col. Manning F. Force
56th Ohio:
(not engaged at Shiloh; remained at Crump's Landing)
Col. Peter Kinney
76th Ohio:
Col. Charles R. Woods
78th Ohio:
Col. Mortimer D. Leggett

Thompson's Battery, 9th Indiana Light Artillery, Lieut. George R. Brown
Buel's Battery (I), 1st Missouri Light Artillery, Lieut. Charles H. Thurber

3d Battalion, 11th Illinois Cavalry, Maj. James F. Johnson (not engaged at Shiloh; remained at Crump's Landing)
3d Battalion, 5th Ohio Cavalry, Maj. Charles S. Hayes (not engaged at Shiloh; remained at Crump's Landing)


First Brigade
Col. NELSON G. WILLIAMS (wounded), 3d Iowa
Col. ISAAC C. PUGH, 41st Illinois
28th Illinois:
Col. Amory K. Johnson
32d Illinois:
Col. John Logan (wounded)
41st Illinois:
Col. Isaac C. Pugh
Lieut. Col. Ansel Tupper (killed)
Maj. John Warner
Capt. John H. Nale
3d Iowa:
Maj. William M. Stone (captured)
Lieut. George W. Crosley

Second Brigade
Col. JAMES C. VEATCH, 25th Indiana
14th Illinois:
Col. Cyrus Hall
15th Illinois:
Lieut. Col. Edward F. W. Ellis (killed)
Capt. Louis D. Kelley
Lieut. Col. William Cam, 14th Illinois
46th Illinois:
Col. John A. Davis (wounded)
Lieut. Col. John J. Jones
25th Indiana:
Lieut. Col. William H. Morgan (wounded)
Maj. John W. Foster

Third Brigade
31st Indiana:
Col. Charles Cruft (wounded)
Lieut. Col. John Osborn
44th Indiana:
Col. Hugh B. Reed
17th Kentucky:
Col. John H. McHenry, jr.
25th Kentucky:
Lieut. Col. Benjamin H. Bristow
Maj. William B. Wall (wounded)
Capt. B. T. Underwood
Col. John H. McHenry, jr., 17th Kentucky

Ross's Battery, 2d Michigan Light Artillery, Lieut. Cuthbert W. Laing
Mann's Battery (C), 1st Missouri Light Artillery, Lieut. Edward Brotzmann
Myers's Battery, 13th Ohio Light Artillery, Capt. John B. Myers

1st and 2d Battalions 5th Ohio Cavalry, Col. William H. H. Taylor

Brig. Gen. WILLIAM T. SHERMAN (wounded)

First Brigade
Col. JOHN A. McDOWELL (disabled), 6th Iowa
40th Illinois:
Col. Stephan G. Hicks (wounded)
Lieut. Col. James W. Boothe
6th Iowa:
Capt. John Williams (wounded)
Capt. Madison M. Walden
46th Ohio:
Col. Thomas Worthington

Second Brigade
Col. DAVID STUART (wounded), 55th Illinois
Lieut. Col. OSCAR MALMBORG,d 55th Illinois
Col. T. KILBY SMITH, 54th Ohio
55th Illinois:
Lieut. Col. Oscar Malmborg
54th Ohio:
Col. T. Kilby Smith
Lieut. Col. James A. Farden
71st Ohio:
Col. Rodney Mason

Third Brigade
53d Ohio:
Col. Jesse J. Appler
Lieut. Col. Robert A. Fulton
57th Ohio:
Lieut. Col. Americus V. Rice
77th Ohio:
Lieut. Col. Willis De Hass
Maj. Benjamin D. Fearing

Fourth Brigade
Col. RALPH P. BUCKLAND, 72d Ohio
48th Ohio:
Col. Peter J. Sullivan (wounded)
Lieut. Col. Job R. Parker
70th Ohio:
Col. Joseph R. Cockerill
72d Ohio:
Lieut. Col. Herman Canfield (killed)
Col. Ralph P. Buckland

Maj. EZRA TAYLOR, Chief of Artillery
Taylor's Battery (B), 1st Illinois Light Artillery, Capt. Samuel E. Barrett
Waterhouse's Battery (E), 1st Illinois Light Artillery:
Capt. Allen C. Waterhouse (wounded)
Lieut. Abial R Abbott (wounded)
Lieut. John A. Fitch
Morton Battery, 6th Indiana Light Artillery, Capt. Frederick Behr (killed)

2d and 3d Battalions 4th Illinois Cavalry, Col. T. Lyle Dickey
Thielemann's two companies Illinois Cavalry, Capt. Christian Thielemann

Brig. Gen. BENJAMIN M. PRENTISS (captured)

First Brigade
Col. EVERETT PEABODY (killed), 25th Missouri
12th Michigan:
Col. Francis Quinn
21st Missouri:
Col. David Moore (wounded)
Lieut. Col. H. M. Woodyard
25th Missouri:
Lieut. Col. Robert T. Van Horn
16th Wisconsin:
Col. Benjamin Allen (wounded)

Second Brigade
Col. MADISON MILLER (captured), 18th Missouri
61st Illinois:
Col. Jacob Fry
18th Missouri:
Lieut. Col. Isaac V. Pratt (captured)
18th Wisconsin:
Col. James S. Alban (killed)

Not Brigaded
16th Iowa:
(15th and 16th Iowa wereon right in an independent command)
Col. Alexander Chambers (wounded)
Lieut. Col. Addison H. Sanders
15th Iowa:
(15th and 16th Iowa were on right in an independent command)
Col. Hugh T. Reid (wounded)
23d Missouri:
(arrived on field about 9o'clock April 6)
Col. Jacob T. Tindall (killed)
Lieut. Col. Quin Morton (captured)

Hickenlooper's Battery, 5th Ohio Light Artillery, Capt. Andrew Hickenlooper
Munch's Battery, 1st Minnesota Light Artillery:
Capt. Emil Munch (wounded)
Lieut. William Pfaender

1st and 2d Battalions, 11th Illinois Cavalry, Col. Robert G. Ingersoll

Unassigned Troops
15th Michigan:
(temporarily attached Monday to Fourth Brigade, Army of the Ohio)
Col. John M. Oliver
14th Wisconsin:
(temporarily attached Monday to Fourteenth Brigade, Army of the Ohio)
Col. David E. Wood
Battery H, 1st Illinois Light Artillery, Capt. Axel Silfversparre
Battery I, 1st Illinois Light Artillery, Capt. Edward Bouton
Battery B, 2d Illinois Artillery, siege guns, Capt. Relly Madison
Battery F, 2d Illinois Light Artillery, Capt. John W. Powell (wounded)
8th Battery, Ohio Light Artillery, Capt. Louis Markgraf

Maj. Gen. DON CARLOS BUELL, Commanding


Fourth Brigade
6th Indiana:
Col. Thomas T. Crittenden
5th Kentucky:
Col. Harvey M. Buckley
1st Ohio:
Col. Benjamin F. Smith
1st Battalion, 15th United States:
Capt. Peter T. Swain, Maj. John H. King
1st Battalion, 16th United States:
Capt. Edwin F. Townsend, Maj. John H. King
1st Battalion, 19th United States:
Maj. Stephen D. Carpenter, Maj. John H. King

Fifth Brigade
Col. EDWARD N. KIRK (wounded), 34th Illinois
34th Illinois:
Maj. Charles N. Levanway (killed)
Capt. Hiram W. Bristol
29th Indiana:
Lieut. Col. David M. Dunn
30th Indiana:
Col. Sion S. Bass (mortally wounded)
Lieut. Col. Joseph B. Dodge
77th Pennsylvania:
Col. Frederick S. Stumbaugh

Sixth Brigade
Col. WILLIAM H. GIBSON, 40th Ohio
32d Indiana:
Col. August Willich
39th Indiana:
Col. Thomas J. Harrison
15th Ohio:
Maj. William Wallace
49th Ohio:
Lieut. Col. Albert M. Blackman

Terrill's Battery (H), 5th United States Artillery, Capt. William R. Terrill


Tenth Brigade
Col. JACOB AMMEN, 24th Ohio
36th Indiana:
Col. William Grose
6th Ohio:
Lieut. Col. Nicholas L. Anderson
24th Ohio:
Lieut. Col. Frederick c. Jones

Nineteenth Brigade
Col. WILLIAM B. HAZEN, 41st Ohio
9th Indiana:
Col. Gideon C. Moody
6th Kentucky:
Col. Walter C. Whitaker
41st Ohio:
Lieut. Col. George S. Mygatt

Twenty-second Brigade
Col. SANDERS D. BRUCE, 20th Kentucky
1st Kentucky:
Col. David A. Enyart
2d Kentucky:
Col. Thomas D. Sedgewick
20th Kentucky:
Lieut. Col. Charles S. Hanson


Eleventh Brigade
9th Kentucky, Col. Benjamin C. Grider.
13th Kentucky, Col. Edward H. Hobson.
19th Ohio, Col. Samuel Beatty.
59th Ohio, Col. James P. Fyffe.

Fourteenth Brigade
11th Kentucky:
Col. Pierce B. Hawkins
26th Kentucky:
Lieut. Col. Cicero Maxwell
13th Ohio:
Lieut. Col. Joseph G. Hawkins

Bartlett's Battery (G), 1st Ohio Light Artillery, Capt. Joseph Bartlett
Mendenhall's batteries (H and M), 4th United States Artillery, Capt. John Mendenhall

(This division arrived upon the field about 2 o'clock on Monday. Wagner's brigade reached the front and became engaged, the 57th Indiana losing 4 men wounded.)

Twentieth Brigade
13th Michigan:
Col. Michael Shoemaker
64th Ohio:
Col. John Ferguson
65th Ohio:
Col. Charles G. Harker

Twenty-first Brigade
Col. GEORGE D. WAGNER, 15th Indiana
15th Indiana:
Lieut. Col. Gustavus A. Wood
40th Indiana:
Col. John W. Blake
57th Indiana:
Col. Cyrus C. Hines
24th Kentucky:
Col. Lewis B. Grigsby


Organization of the Confederate Army at the Battle of Shiloh, Tenn.,
April 6-7, 1862



Brig. Gen. CHARLES CLARK (wounded)

First Brigade
Col. ROBERT M. RUSSELL, 12th Tennessee
11th Louisiana:
Col. Samuel F. Marks (wounded)
Lieut. Col. Robert H. Barrow
12th Tennessee:
Lieut. Col. Tyree H. Bell
Maj. Robert P. Caldwell
13th Tennessee:
Col. Alfred J. Vaughan, jr.
22d Tennessee:
Col. Thomas J. Freeman (wounded)
Tennessee Battery, Capt. Smith P. Bankhead

Second Brigade
13th Arkansas:
Lieut. Col. A. D. Grayson (killed)
Maj. James A. McNeely (wounded)
Col. James C. Tappan
4th Tennessee:
Col. Rufus P. Neely
Lieut. Col. Otho F. Strahl
5th Tennessee:
Lieut. Col. Calvin D. Venable
33d Tennessee:
Col. Alexander W. Campbell (wounded)
Mississippi Battery, Capt. Thomas J. Stanford

Maj. Gen. BENJAMIN F. CHEATHAM (wounded)

First Brigade
Brig. Gen. BUSHROD R. JOHNSON (wounded)
Col. PRESTON SMITH, 154th Tennessee (wounded)
Blythe's Mississippi:
Col. A. K. Blythe (killed)
Lieut. Col. David L. Herron (killed)
Maj. James Moore
2d Tennessee:
Col. J. Knox Walker
15th Tennessee:
Lieut. Col. Robert C. Tyler (wounded)
Maj. John F. Hearn
154th Tennessee (senior):
Col. Preston Smith
Lieut. Col. Marcus J. Wright (wounded)
Tennessee Battery, Capt. Marshall T. Polk (wounded)

Second Brigade
Col. WILLIAM H. STEPHENS, 6th Tennessee
Col. GOERGE MANEY, 1st Tennessee
7th Kentucky:
Col. Charles Wickliffe (mortally wounded)
Lieut. Col. William D. Lannom
1st Tennessee (Battalion):
Col. George Maney
Maj. Hume R. Field
6th Tennessee:
Lieut. Col. Timothy P. Jones
9th Tennessee:
Col. Henry L. Douglass
Mississippi Battery, Capt. Melancthon Smith

1st Mississippi, Col. Andrew J. Lindsay
Mississippi and Alabama Battalion, Lieut. Col. Richard H. Brewer

47th Tennessee, Col. Munson R. Hill
(arrived on field April 7)


Company Alabama Cavalry, Capt. Robert W. Smith


First Brigade
Col. RANDALL L. GIBSON, 13th Louisiana
1st Arkansas, Col. James F. Fagan
4th Louisiana:
Col. Henry W. Allen (wounded)
Lieut. Col. Samuel E. Hunter
13th Louisiana:
Maj. Anatole P. Avegno (mortally wounded)
Capt. Stephen O'Leary (wounded)
Capt. Edgar M. Dubroca
19th Louisiana:
Col. Benjamin L. Hodge
Lieut. Col. James m. Hollingsworth
Vaiden, or Bain's, Mississippi Battery, Capt. S. C. Bain

Second Brigade
1st Florida Battalion:
Maj. Thaddeus A. McDonell (wounded)
Capt. W. G. Poole
Capt. W. Capers Bird
17th Louisiana:
Lieut. Col. Charles Jones (wounded)
20th Louisiana:
Col. August Reichard
Confederate Guards Response Battalion, Maj. Franklin H. Clack
9th Texas:
Col. Wright A. Stanley
Washington (Louisiana) Artillery, Fifth Company, Capt. W. Irving Hodgson

Third Brigade
Col. PRESTON POND, jr., 16th Louisiana
16th Louisiana:
Maj. Daniel Gober
18th Louisiana:
Col. Alfred Mouton (wounded)
Lieut. Col. Alfred Roman.
Crescent (Louisiana) Regiment:
Col. Marshall J. Smith
Orleans Guard (Louisiana) Battalion:
Maj. Leon Querouze (wounded)
38th Tennessee:
Col. Robert F. Looney
Ketchum's Alabama Battery, Capt. William H. Ketchum

Alabama Battalion (5 companies-Jenkins, Cox, Robins, Tomlinson, and Smith),
Capt. Thomas F. Jenkins


First Brigade
Brig. Gen. ADLEY H. GLADDEN (mortally wounded)
Col. DANIEL W. ADAMS (wounded), 22d Alabama
21st Alabama:
Lieut. Col. Stewart W. Cayce
Maj. Frederick Stewart
22d Alabama:
Col. Zach C. Deas
Lieut. Col. John C. Marrast
25th Alabama:
Col. John Q. Loomis (wounded)
Maj. George D. Johnston
26th Alabama:
Lieut. Col. John G. Coltart (wounded)
Lieut. Col. William D. Chadick
1st Louisiana:
Col. Daniel W. Adams
Maj. Fred H. Farrar, jr.
Robertson's, Alabama, Battery, Capt. Felix H. Robertson

Second Brigade
5th Mississippi:
Col. Albert E. Fant
7th Mississippi:
Lieut. Col. Hamilton Mayson
9th Mississippi:
Lieut. Col. William A. Rankin (mortally wounded)
10th Mississippi:
Col. Robert A. Smith
52d. Tennessee:
Col. Benjamin J. Lea
Gage's, Alabama, Battery, Capt. Charles P. Gage

Third Brigade
17th Alabama:
Lieut. Col. Robert C. Fariss
18th Alabama:
Col. Eli S. Shorter
19th Alabama:
Col. Joseph Wheeler
2d Texas:
Col. John C. Moore
Lieut. Col. William P. Rogers
Maj. Hal G. Runnels
Girardey's, George, Battery, Capt. Isadore P. Girardey

Clanton's Alabama Regiment, Col. James H. Clanton (wounded)

Maj. Gen. WILLIAM J. HARDEE (wounded)

First Brigade
Brig. Gen. THOMAS C. HINDMAN (disabled), commanding his own and Third Brigade
Col. R. G. SHAVER, 7th Arkansas (disabled)
2d Arkansas:
Col. Daniel C. Govan
Maj. Reuben F. Harvey
6th Arkansas:
Col. Alexander T. Hawthorn
7th Arkansas:
Lieut. Col. John M. Dean (killed)
Maj. James T. Martin
3d Confederate:
Col. John S. Marmaduke
Warren Light Artillery, or Swett's, Mississippi, battery, Capt. Charles Swett
Pillow's Flying Artillery, or Miller's, Tennessee, Battery, Capt.------- Miller

Second Brigade
15th Arkansas:
Lieut. Col. Archibald K. Patton (killed)
6th Mississippi:
Col. John J. Thornton (wounded)
Lieut. Col. W. A. Harper
2d Tennessee:
Col. William B. Bate (wounded)
Lieut. Col. David L. Goodall
5th (35th) Tennessee:
Col. Benjamin J. Hill
23d Tennessee:
Lieut. Col. James F. Neill (wounded)
Maj. Robert Cantrell
24th Tennessee:
Lieut. Col. Thomas H. Peebles
Shoup's Battalion
Trigg's (Austin) Arkansas, Battery, Capt. John t. Trigg
Calvert's (Helena) Arkansas, Battery, Capt. J. H. Calvert
Hubbard's Arkansas, Battery, Capt. George T. Hubbard

Third Brigade
Brig. Gen. STERLING A. M. WOOD (disabled)
Col. WILLIAM K. PATTERSON, 8th Arkansas, temporarily
16th Alabama:
Lieut. Col. John W. Harris
8th Arkansas:
Col. William K. Patterson
9th (14th ) Arkansas (battalion):
Maj. John H. Kelly
3d Mississippi Battalion:
Maj. Aaron B. Hardcastle
27th Tennessee :
Col. Christopher H. Williams (killed)
Maj. Samuel T. Love (killed)
44th Tennessee:
Col. Coleman A. McDaniel
55th Tennessee:
Col. James L. McKoin
Harper's (Jefferson Mississippi) Battery:
Capt. William L. Harper (wounded)
Lieut. Put Darden
Georgia Dragoons, Capt. Isaac W. Avery


First Brigade
Col. ROBERT P. TRABUE, 4th Kentucky
(Clifton's) 4th Alabama Battalion:
Maj. James M. Clifton
31st Alabama:
Lieut. Col. Montgomery Gilbreath
3d Kentucky:
Lieut. Col. Benjamin Anderson (wounded)
4th Kentucky:
Lieut. Col. Andrew r. Hynes (wounded)
5th Kentucky:
Lieut. Col. Thomas H. Hunt
6th Kentucky:
Col. Joseph H. Lewis
Crew's Tennessee Battalion:
Lieut. Col. James M. Crews
Lyon's (Cobb's) Kentucky battery, Capt. Robert Cobb
Byrne's Mississippi Battery, Capt. Edward P. Byrne
Morgan;s Squadron, Kentucky Cavalry, Capt. John H. Morgan

Second Brigade
Brig. Gen. JOHN S. BOWEN (wounded)
9th Arkansas:
Col. Isaac L. Dunlop
10th Arkansas:
Col. Thomas H. Merrick
2d Confederate:
Col. John d. Martin
Maj. Thomas H. Mangum
1st Missouri:
Col. Lucius L. Rich
Pettus Flying Artillery, or Hudson's Mississippi Battery, Capt. Alfred Hudson
Watson's Louisiana, Battery, --- ---.
Thompson's Company, Kentucky Cavalry, Capt. Phil. B. Thompson

Third Brigade
Col. WINFIELD S. STATHAM, 15th Mississippi
15th Mississippi
22d Mississippi

19th Tennessee:
Col. David H. Cummings
20th Tennessee:
Col. Joel A. Battle (captured)
28th Tennessee
45th Tennessee:
Lieut. Col. Ephraim F. Lytle
Rutledge's Tennessee, Battery, Capt. Arthur m. Rutledge
Forrest's Regiment Tennessee Cavalry, Col. Nathan B. Forrest (wounded)

Wharton's Texas Regiment Cavalry, Col. John A. Warton (wounded)
Wirt Adams's Mississippi Regiment Cavalry, Col. Wirt Adams
McClung's, Tennessee, Battery, Capt. Hugh L. W. McClung
Roberts Arkansas Battery


Commanding and Staff Officers

Maj. Gen. H. W. Halleck, commanding
Brig. Gen. Geo. W. Cullum, Chief of Staff
Capt. N. H. McLean, assistant adjutant-general
Capt. J. C. Kelton, assistant adjutant-general
Capt. P. M. Preston, assistant adjutant-general
Col. Richard D. Cutts, aid-de-camp
Capt. C. B. Throckmorton, aid-de-camp
Lieut. J. T. Price, aid-de-camp
Lieut. D. C. Wagner, aid-de-camp
Lieut. A. Backer, aid-de-camp
Brig. Gen. A. J. Smith, Chief of Cavalry
Col. J. V. D. Du Bois, Chief of Artillery
Col. George Thom, Chief of Engineers
Lieut. Col. J. B. McPherson, assistant chief of engineers
Col. J. C. McKibbin, Judge-Advocate
Maj. Robert Allen, Chief Quartermaster
Maj. T. J. Haines, Chief Commissary of Subsistence
Surg. J. J. B. Wright, Medical Director
Brig. Gen. W. Scott Ketchum, Inspector-General

Maj. Gen. U. S. Grant, commanding
Col. J. D. Webster, Chief of Staff
Capt. J. A. Rawlins, assistant adjutant general
Capt. W. S. Hillyer, aid-de-camp
Capt. W. R. Rowley, aid-de-camp
Capt. C. B. Lagow, aid-de-camp
Lieut. Col. J. B. McPherson, Chief of Engineers
Lieut. W. L. B. Jenney, assistant chief of engineers
Lieur. Wm. Kossak, assistant chief of engineers
Capt. J. P. Hawkins, Chief Commissary of Subsistence
Surg. Henry S. Hewitt, Medical Director
Col. G. G. Pride, volunteer aid

Maj. Gen John A. McClernand, commanding
Maj. Adolph Schwartz, (wounded) 2d Illinois Artillery, chief of staff
Maj. M. Brayman, acting assistant adjutant-general
Capt. Warren Stewart, (wounded) Illinois cavalry, aid-de-camp
Lieut. Henry C. Freeman, (wounded) aid-de-camp
Lieut. Jos. E. Hitt, 4th Illinois Cavalry, aid-de-camp
Lieut. A. B. Hall, 4th Illinois Cavalry, aid-de-camp
Lieut. S. R. Tresilian, assistant engineer
Lieut. Erastus S. Jones, ordnance officer

First Brigade
Col. Abraham M. Hare, (wounded) 11th Iowa, commanding
Lieut. and Adjt. Cornelius Cadle, jr. 11th Iowa, acting assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. Samuel Caldwell, 8th Illinois, volunteer aid

Second Brigade
Col. C. C. Marsh, 20th Illinois, commanding
Lieut. E. P. Boas, acting assistant adjutant-general
Adjt. J. E. Thompson, (killed) 20th Illinois aid-de-camp
Capt. G. W. Kennard, acting assistant quartermaster
Surg. Christopher Goodbrake, brigade surgeon

Third Brigade
Col. Julius Raith, 43d Illinois, commanding
Lieut. Abraham H. Ryan, acting assistant adjutant-general

Brig. Gen. W. H. L. Wallace,(killed) commanding
Capt. Wm. McMichael, (captured) assistant adjutant-general
Capt. T. J. Newham, aid-de-camp
Lieut. Cyrus E. Dickey, aid-de-camp
Lieut. Guyton I. Davis, 11th Illinois, aid-de-camp
Lieut. I. P. Rumsey, Taylor's Battery, aid-de-camp

First Brigade
Col. James M. Tuttle, 2d Iowa, commanding
Lieut. Jas. P. Sample, 7th Iowa, acting assistant adjutant-general

Second Brigade
Brig. Gen. John McArthur,(wounded) commanding
Lieut. Geo. L. Paddock, acting assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. George Mason, 12th Illinois, aid-de-camp

Third Brigade
Col. Thos. W. Seeny, 52d Illinois, commanding
Lieutenant and Adjutant --- Allen, 52d Illinois, acting assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. Wm. McCullough, 8th Iowa, aid-de-camp

Maj. Gen. Lewis Wallace, commanding
Capt. Frederick Knefler, assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. Addison W. Ware, aid-de-camp
Capt. E. T. Wallace, 11th Indiana, aid-de-camp
Lieut. John W. Ross, aid-de-camp

First Brigade
Col. Morgan L. Smith. 8th Missouri, commanding
Lieut. D. C. Coleman, acting assistant adjutant-general

Second Brigade
Col. John M. Thayer, 1st Nebraska, commanding
Lieut. S. A. Strickland, acting assistant adjutant-general
Capt. Allen Blacker, aid-de-camp
Lieut. William S. Whittin, aid-de-camp
Lieut. Col. Robt. K. Scott, 68th Ohio, volunteer aid
Capt. Lewis Y. Richards, 68th Ohio, volunteer aid
Mr. Geo. E. Spencer, volunteer aid

Third Brigade
Col. Charles Whittlesey, 20th Ohio, commanding
E. N. Owens, acting assistant adjutant-general


Brig. Gen. Stephen A. Hurlbut, commanding
Capt. Smith D. Atkins, acting assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. J. C. Long, 9th U. S. Infantry, aid-de-camp
Capt. S. Simmons, acting commissary of subsistence
Surg. A. G. Keenan, medical director
Lieut. W. H. Dorchester, volunteer aid

First Brigade
Col. N. G. Williams, (wounded) 3d Iowa, commanding
Lieut. F. Sessions, acting assistant adjutant-general

Second Brigade
Col. James C. Veatch, 25th Indiana, commanding
Capt. F. W. Fox, 14th Illinois, acting assistant adjutant-general
Lieutenant ------- Brunner, 25th Indiana, aid-de-camp
Surg. John T. Walker, brigade surgeon

Third Brigade
Brig. Gen. Jacob C. Veatch, 25th Indiana, commanding
Lieut. H. Scofield, (wounded) acting assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. T. N. Barnes, aid-de-camp


Brig. Gen. Wm. T. Sherman,(wounded) commanding
Capt. J. H. Hammond, assistant adjutant-general
Maj. W. D. Sanger, volunteer aid
Lieut. John Taylor, 5th Ohio, aid-de-camp
Lieut. W. D. Strong, assistant quartermaster
Lieut. J. C. McCoy, 54th Ohio, aid-de-camp
Maj. Ezra Taylor, chief of artillery
Capt. C. A. Morton, 32d Illinois, acting commissary of subsistence
Surg. D. W. Hartshorn, medical director
Asst. Surg. Saml. L'Hommedieu, assistant medical director
Lieut. Wm. Kossak, engineer

First Brigade
Col. J. A. McDowell, 6th Iowa, commanding
Lieut. Byron K. Cowles, 6th Iowa, acting assistant adjutant-general (absent)
Capt. Willard H. Harland, 6th Iowa, aid-de-camp

Second Brigade
Col. David Stuart, (wounded) 55th Illinois, commanding
Adjt. Charles Loomis, aid-de-camp

Third Brigade
Col. Jesse Hildebrand, 77th Ohio, commanding
Lieut. S. S. McNaughton, acting assistant adjutant-general

Fourth Brigade
Col. Ralph P. Buckland, 72d Ohio, commanding
Lieut. Eugene A. Rawson, 72d Ohio, acting assistant adjutant-general
John B. Rice, surgeon
Lieut. D. M. Harkness, 72d Ohio, quartermaster

Brig. Gen. Benj. M. Prentiss, (captured) commanding
Capt. Henry Binmore, assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. Edwin Moore, aid-de-camp
Surg. S. W. Everett, division surgeon

First Brigade
Col. Everett Peabody, (killed) 25th Missouri, commanding
Capt. Geo. K. Donnelly, assistant adjutant-general

Second Brigade
Col. Madison Miller, (captured)18th Missouri, commanding

Maj. Gen. Don Carlos Buell, commanding
Col. James B. Fry, Chief of Staff
Capt. J. M. Wright, assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. A. F. Rockwell, aid-de-camp
Lieut. C. L. Fitzhugh, 4th U. S. Artillery. aid-de-camp
Lieut. T. J. Bush, 24th Kentucky, aid-de-camp
Capt. J. H. Gilmore, 19th U. S., Inspector of Artillery
Capt. E. Gay, 16th U. S., Inspector of Cavalry
Capt. H. C. Bankhead, 5th U. S., Inspector of Infantry
Capt., Nathaniel Michler, engineer
Surg. Robt. Murray, U. S. A., Medical Director

Brig. Gen. Alex. McD. McCook, commanding
Capt. Daniel McCook, assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. S. W. Davies, aid-de-camp
Lieut. W. T. Hoblitzell, aid-de-camp
Lieut.W. F. Staub, aid-de-camp
Capt. Orris Blake, provost-marshal
Capt. J. D. Williams, acting commissary of subsistence
Lieut. J. A. Campbell, ordnance officer
Surg. A. P. Meylert, medical director

Fourth Brigade
Brig. Gen. Lovell H. Rousseau, commanding
Lieut. D. Armstrong, acting assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. David Q. Rousseau, aid-de-camp
Lieut. John D. Wicklife, 2d Kentucky Cavalry, aid-de-camp
Capt. W. M. Carpenter, assistant quartermaster
Mr. E. F. Jewett, volunteer aid

Fifth Brigade
Col Edward N. Kirk, (wounded) 34th Illinois, commanding
Capt. S. T. Davis, 77th Pennsylvania, acting assistant adjutant-general
Capt. Abraham Beehler, 34th Illinois, aid-de-camp
Lieut. S. B. Dexter, 34th Illinois, aid-de-camp

Sixth Brigade
Col. W. H. Gibson, 49th Ohio, commanding
Capt. Henry Clay, assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. Wm. C. Turner, aid-de-camp
Lieut. E. A. Otis, aid-de-camp
Surg. S. W. Gross, brigade surgeon

Brig. Gen. William Nelson, commanding
Capt. J. Mills Kendrick, U. S. Volunteers, assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. Wm. P. Anderson, 6th Ohio, aid-de-camp
Lieut. Richard Southgate, 6th Ohio, aid-de-camp
W. Preston Graves, volunteer aid
Horace N. Fisher, volunteer aid
Capt. J. G. Chandler, U. S. Army, assistant quartermaster
Lieut. C. C. Peck, 6th Ohio, acting commissary of subsistence
Lieut. Chas. C. Horton, 24th Ohio, ordnance of subsistence
Capt. and Assr. Surg. B. J. D. Irwin, U. S. Army, medical director

Tenth Brigade
Col. Jacob Ammen, 24th Ohio, commanding
Lieut. R. F. Wheeler, aid-de-camp

Nineteenth Brigade
Col. Wm. B. Hazen, 41st Ohio, commanding
Lieut. Robt. L. Kimberly, acting assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. Chas. D. Gaylord, aid-de-camp
Lieut. Wm. M. Beebe, jr., aid-de-camp

Twenty-second Brigade
Col. Sanders D. Bruce, 20th Kentucky, commanding
Lieut. S.T. Corn, acting assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. Wickliffe Cooper, aid-de-camp

Brig. Gen. Thos. L. Crittenden, commanding
Capt. Lyne Starling, assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. Louis M. Buford, aid-de-camp
Surg. Middleton Goldsmith, medical director

Eleventh Brigade
Brig. Gen. J. T. Boyle, commanding
Capt. John Boyle, assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. H. Q. Hughes, aid-de-camp
Lieut. H. T. Liggett, aid-de-camp
Lieut. John T. Farris, acting assistant quarter-master

Fourteenth Brigade
Col. Wm. Sooy Smith, 13th Ohio, commanding
Lieut. Frank J. Jones, 13th Ohio, acting assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. R. E. Hackett, 26th Kentucky, aid-de-camp

Brig. Gen. Thos. J. Wood, commanding
Capt. Wm. H. Schalter, assistant adjutant-general
Capt. Geo. W. Lennard, 36th Indiana, aid-de-camp
Capt. Fred A. Clark, 29th Indiana, aid-de-camp
Lieut. Col. Isaac Gass, 64th Ohio, inspector-general
Lieut. Clark S. Gregg, 65th Ohio, acting commissary of subsistence
Lieut. Frank B. Hunt, 65th Ohio, ordnance officer
Lieut. John C. Martin, 21st Ohio, signal officer
Surg. Francis B. Mussy, medical director

Twentieth Brigade
Brig. Gen. James A. Garfield, commanding

Twenty-first Brigade
Col. Geo. D. Wagner, 15th Indiana, commanding


Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston, (killed) commanding
Maj. Gen. Braxton Bragg, Chief of Staff
Capt. H. P. Brewsteer, assistant adjutant-general
Capt. N. Wickliffe, assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. George Baylor, aid-de-camp
Lieut. Thomas M. Jack, aid-de-camp
Governor Isham G. Harris, volunteer aid
Col. Wm. Preston, volunteer aid
Maj. D. M. Hayden, volunteer aid
Dr. E. W. Munford, volunteer aid
Calhoun Benham, volunteer aid
Capt. Theodore O'Hara, assistant inspector-general
Maj. Albert J. Smith, assistant quarter-master
Capt. W. L. Wickham, assistant quarter-master
Col. J. F. Gilmer, (wounded) Chief Engineer
Surg D. W. Yandell, Medical Director

Gen. G. T. BEAUREGARD, second in command, commanding, Monday
Col. Thomas Jordan, assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. John W. Otey, assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. Col. S. W. Ferguson, aid-de-camp
Brig. Gen. James Trudeau, volunteer aid
Capt. W. W. Porter, volunteer aid
Maj. Geo. W. Brent, assistant inspector-general
Col. R. B. Lee, Chief of Subsistence
Capt. Clifton H. Smith, assistant adjutant-general
Col. Jacob Thompson, volunteer aid
Maj. Numa Augustine, volunteer aid
Maj. H. E. Peyton, volunteer aid
Capt. Albert Ferry, volunteer aid
Capt. B. B. Waddell, volunteer aid
Capt. E. H. Cummins, Signal Officer

Maj. Gen. Leonidas Polk, commanding
Maj. Geo. Williamson, (wounded) assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. W. B. Richmond, aid-de-camp
Lieut. A. H. Polk, aid-de-camp
Lieut. P. B. Spence, aid-de-camp
Lieut. John Rawle, aid-de-camp
Lieut. John S. Lanier, aid-de-camp
Lieut. Col. E. D. Blake, assistant inspector-general
Maj. Smith P. Bankhead, Chief of Artillery
Capt. J. T. Champney, Chief of Ordnance
Maj. Thomas Peters, assistant quarter-master
Surg W. D. Lyles, Medical Director
Lieut. W. M. Porter, volunteer aid

Brig. Gen. Charles Clark, (wounded) commanding
Capt. W. H. McCardle, assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. Wm. Yerger, jr., aid-de-camp
Maj. W. H. Haynes, (wounded) acting commissary of subsistence
James E. McClure, assistant quarter-master
Maj. Howell Hinds, assistant adjutant-general, Army of Potomac, volunteer aid
Maj. W. M. Inge, assistant adjutant-general, Army of Potomac, volunteer aid
Capt. John A. Buckner, 8th Kentucky, volunteer aid

First Brigade
Col. R. M. Russell, 12th Tennessee, commanding

Second Brigade
Brig. Gen. A. P. Stewart, commanding
Capt. Thomas W. Preston, (killed) assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. N. Green, jr., aid-de-camp
Col. W. B. Ross, volunteer aid
Mr. Joseph D. Cross, volunteer aid

Maj. Gen. B. F. Cheatham, (wounded) commanding
Maj. James D. Porter, assistant adjutant-general
Capt. F. H. McNairy, aid-de-camp
Capt. T. F. Henry, aid-de-camp
A.L. Robertson, aid-de-camp
John Campbell, (killed) aid-de-camp
Judge Archibald Wright, volunteer aid
Col. Edward Pickett, jr., 21st Tennessee, volunteer aid
Capt. Wm. Roundtree, volunteer aid

First Brigade
Brig. Gen. B. R. Johnson, (wounded) commanding
Maj. G. G. Rogers, assistant adjutant-general
Capt. Wm. T. Blakemore, aid-de-camp
Capt. D. L. Moore, volunteer aid
Capt. John H. Anderson, (wounded) 10th Tennessee, volunteer aid

Second Brigade
Col. Wm. H. Stephens, 6th Tennessee, commanding
Lieut. Isaac M. Jackson, (mortally wounded) assistant adjutant-general
Wm. D. Stephens, (wounded) aid-de-camp
Thos. A. Henderson, (wounded) aid-de-camp
Capt. A. L. Swingley, volunteer aid

Maj. Gen. Braxton Bragg, commanding
Maj. George G. Garner, assistant adjutant-general
Capt. H. W. Walter, assistant adjutant-general
Capt. G. B. Cooke, assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. Towson Ellis, aid-de-camp
Lieut. F. S. Parker, aid-de-camp
Lieut. Col. F. Gardner, C. S. Army, assistant inspector-general
Lieut. Col. W. K. Beard, (wounded) Florida Volunteers, assisant inspector-general
Capt. S. H. Lockett, chief engineer
Maj. J. H. Hallonquist, Chief of Artillery
Capt. W. O. Williams, assistant chief of artillery
Capt. H. Oladowski, Chief of Ordnance
Maj. J. J. Walker, Chief of Subsistence
Maj. L. F. Johnston, Chief Quarter-master
Maj. O. P. Chaffee, assistant quarter-master
Surg. A. J. Foard, Medical Director
Surg. J. C. Nott, Medical Inspector
Lieut. Col. David Urquhart, volunteer aid

Brig. Gen. Daniel Ruggles, commanding
Capt. Roy M. Hooe, assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. M. B. Ruggles, aid-de-camp
Maj. E. S. Ruggles, (wounded) volunteer aid
Capt. G. M. Beck, volunteer aid
Col. S. S. Heard, 17th Louisiana, volunteer aid
Maj. J. H. Hallonquist, chief of artillery
Maj. John Claiborne, chief quarter-master
Lieut. L. D. Sandidge, assistant inspector-general
Surg. F. M. Hereford, (wounded) medical director
Dr. S. S. Sandidge, volunteer surgeon

First Brigade
Col. Randall L. Gibson, 13th Louisiana, commanding
Lieut. Benjamin King, (killed) aid-de-camp
Lieut. H. H. Bein, acting assistant adjutant-general
Mr. Robert Pugh, aid-de-camp

Second Brigade

Brig. Gen. Patton Anderson, commanding
Capt. William G. Barth, assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. Wm. M. Davidson, aid-de-camp
Lieut. John W. James, 5th Georgia, aid-de-camp
Capt. Henry D. Bulkley, acting commissary of subsistence
Capt. John T. Sibley, assistant quarter-master
Surg. C. B. Gamble, medical director
Lieut. Wm. McR. Jordan, (wounded) 1st Flordia, aid-de-camp

Third Brigade
Col. Preston Pond, jr. commanding
Lieut. O. O. Cobb, assistant adjutant-general

Brig. Gen. Jones M. Withers, commanding
Capt. D. E. Huger, assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. D. F. Withers, aid-de-camp
Lieut. B. M. Thomas, assistant inspector-general
R. W. Withers, volunteer aid
S. B. Howe, volunteer aid
Wm. Williamson, volunteer aid
L. E. Smith, volunteer aid

First Brigade
Brig. Gen. A. H. Gladden, (mortally wounded) commanding
Maj. C. D. Anderson, acting assistant adjutant-general
Adjt. Adolph Kent, 1st Louisiana, aid-de-camp
Adjt. John Stout, 25th Alabama, aid-de-camp
Adjt. Elias F. Travis, 22d Alabama, aid-de-camp
Sergt. Maj. -----Nott, 22d Alabama, aid-de-camp

Second Brigade
Brig. Gen. James R. Chalmers, commanding
Capt. Henry Craft, assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. Geo. T. Banks, aid-de-camp
Lieut. W. T. Stricklin, 3d Mississippi, assistant inspector-general
Capt. R. S. Crumps, acting commissary of subsistence
Lieut. M. M. Shelley, volunteer aid
Mr. James Barr, volunteer aid

Third Brigade
Brig. Gen. John K. Jackson, commanding
Capt. J. B. Cummings, assistant adjutant-general

Maj. Gen. Wm. J. Hardee, (wounded) commanding
Maj. W. D. Pickett, assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. Thomas W. Hunt, (wounded) aid-de-camp
Capt. William Clare, (wounded) aid-de-camp
Lieut. ----- Wilson, aid-de-camp
Capt. A. W. Clarkson, aid-de-camp
Maj. F. A. Shoup, Chief of Artillery
Lieut. Wm. Kearney, assistant inspector-general
Maj. L. O. Bridewell, Chief Quarter-master
Maj. W. E. Moore, Chief Commissary
Surg. G. W. Lawrence, Medical Director
Col. S. H. Perkins, volunteer aid

First Brigade
Col. R. G. SHAVER, 7th Arkansas, commanding

Second Brigade
Brig. Gen. P. R. Cleburne, commanding
Maj. J. K. Dixon, assistant adjutant and inspector-general

Third Brigade
Brig. Gen. S. A. M. Wood, (wounded) commanding
Lieut. Linus A. McClung, assistant adjutant-general
Lieut. H. C. Wood, aid-de-camp
Capt. Wm. Clare, (wounded) volunteer aid
Capt. Joshua Sledge, (wounded) volunteer aid
Capt. J. H. Coleman, volunteer aid
Mr. Frank Foster, volunteer aid
Lieut. S. Church, acting commissary of subsistence

Brig. Gen. John C. Breckinridge, commanding

First Brigade
Col. Robt. P. Trabue, 4th Kentucky, commanding
Joseph L. Robertson, assistant adjutant-general
Capt. Samuel Gray, volunteer aid
John Hooe, volunteer aid
Thomas B. Darragh, volunteer aid
Robt. W. McKee, volunteer aid
Charlton Morgan, (wounded) volunteer aid
Charles J. Maston, volunteer aid

Second Brigade
Brig. Gen. John S. Bowen, (wounded) commanding

Third Brigade
Col. Winfield S. Statham, 15th Mississippi, commanding.