Fourth Division - Army of the Tennessee
Brigadier General Stephen A. Hurlbut

The division, composed of three brigades of infantry, three batteries of artillery, and two battalions of cavalry, arrived at Pittsburg Landing on boats March 16, 1862. On the 18th it disembarked and established its camps about 1 mile from the river, near the point where the Hamburg and Savannah road crosses the road from Pittsburg to Corinth. The division was formed about 8 a.m., Sunday morning, April 6, 1862, and soon after the Second Brigade was sent to reenforce General McClernand. The First and Third Brigades, with the artillery, moved out to the support of Prentiss's division, but finding that Prentiss was falling back, Hurlbut put his division in line at the Peach Orchard field, the First Brigade on the south side, the Third Brigade on the west side, and the batteries in the field. In this position he was attacked by Chalmers's and Gladden's brigades, which were following Prentiss's division, and by Robertson's, Harper's, and Girardey's batteries, which were stationed in Prentiss's camps. A shell from one of these batteries blew up a caisson belonging to Myers's Thirteenth Ohio Battery; the men stampeded, abandoning their guns, and were not again in action at Shiloh. Mann's battery fought with the division all day, and again on Monday. Ross's battery did excellent service until ordered to fall back at 4 p.m., and was preparing to retire to the Landing when it was charged by Lindsay's Mississippi cavalry and captured. Only two guns were saved.
Hurlbut held his position on two sided of the Peach Orchard until about 1:30 p.m., when he was attacked by Breckinridge's corps. Finding that Stuart was falling back on the left, Hurlbut retired to the north side of the field with his First Brigade, and transferred his Third Brigade from the right to the left flank. Here he maintained himself until 3 p.m., when he was again obliged to retire to the left of his camps. About 4 p.m. he found that his left was again being turned and fell back to the siege guns and re-formed. The Second Brigade rejoined the division and all participating in the final action of the day. The division bivouacked in line of battle in front of the siege guns, and on Monday the First and Second Brigades and Mann's battery formed on McClernand's left; the Third Brigade reported to Sherman. All were engaged until the Confederates retired from the field.

First Brigade - Colonel Nelson G. Williams

Second Brigade - Colonel James C. Veatch

Third Brigade - Brigadier General Jacob G. Lauman