Third Division - Army of the Tennessee
Major General Lew Wallace

This division, composed of three brigades of infantry, two batteries of artillery, and two battalions of cavalry, was encamped north of Snake Creek; the First Brigade at Crump's Landing; the Second Brigade at Stony lonesome; the third Brigade at Adamsville. Sunday morning, April 6, 1862, hearing sounds of battle up the river, General Wallace ordered his command to concentrate at Stony Lonesome, where at 11:30 a.m., he received orders from General Grant, directing him to join the right of the army then engaged on the south side of Snake Creek. At 12m., leaving two regiments and one gun to guard the public property at Crump's Landing, General Wallace started with his First and Second Brigades for the battlefield by the Shunpike road, which led to the right of Sherman's division as formed for battle in the morning. At about 2:30 p.m. a staff officer from General Grant overtook General Wallace on this road and turned him back to the river road, by which the Third Brigade having fallen into column, his division reached the battlefield after the action of Sunday was over. The division bivouacked in line of battle, facing west along the Savannah road north of McArthur's headquarters; the First Brigade on the left, with Thompson's battery on it right; the Second Brigade in the center; the Third Brigade on the right, with Thurber's battery at its center.
At daylight Monday morning, April 7, 1862, the batteries of the division engaged and dislodged Ketchum's Confederate battery, posted in the camp of the Eighth Illinois. At 6:30 a.m., the division, its right on Owl Creek, advanced en échelon of brigades, left in front, crossed Tilghman Creek, and drove the Confederates from their position at Oglesby's headquarters. Then wheeling to the left against the left flank of the enemy, it advanced fighting, until at 4 p.m. it had pushed the Confederates through the union camps and beyond Shiloh Branch. Near nightfall the division retired under orders to General Sherman's camps, where it bivouacked Monday night.

First Brigade - Colonel Morgan L. Smith

Second Brigade - Colonel John M. Thayer

Third Brigade - Colonel Charles Whittlesey