Fifth Division - Army of the Tennessee
Major General William T. Sherman

The division, of four brigades of infantry, three batteries of artillery, two battalions, and two independent companies of cavalry, was organized at Paducah about the 1st of March, 1862. It went up the Tennessee River to the mouth of Yellow Creek, and returned to Pittsburg March 16, disembarked, and marched out to Monterey, returned to Pittsburg, and established its camps on the 19th along the Hamburg and Purdy road, its center at Shiloh Church. On Sunday morning, April 6, 1862, the division formed in front of its camps where its Third and Fourth Brigades became engaged at 7:30 a.m. These brigades, reenforced by Raith's brigade of the First Division, held the line until 10 a.m., when Sherman attempted to fall back to the Purdy road. In this movement his Third Brigade became disorganized and retired. His Fourth Brigade formed on the road, but soon fell back, and after a short engagement retreated to Hamburg and Savannah road, only parts of regiments remaining in line. McDowell's brigade, when ordered at 10 a.m. to fall back, became engaged in Crescent field and afterwards on McClernand's right until about 2 p.m. Stuart's brigade was engaged with Chalmers on the extreme left until 2 p.m. Barrett's battery formed in front of Shiloh Church and opened fire at 7:30 a.m.; then at 10 a.m. retired to Jones Field, where it was engaged until 2 p.m., when it retired to the river. Waterhouse's battery went into action at 7 a.m. with two guns at Rhea House; these soon retired to main battery 150 yards in rear, where the full battery remained in action until 10 a.m., when it was outflanked and lost three guns. The remainder of the battery retired disabled from the field. Behr's battery was with McDowell's brigade, one gun guarding the bridge at Owl Creek. When Sherman ordered McDowell to join his other brigades near Shiloh Church, Captain Behr moved five guns down the road, and was directing them into battery when he was killed; his men stampeded, leaving the guns on the field. The gun at Owl Creek served with McDowell in his first engagement, then retired. On Monday Stuart's and Buckland's brigades were engaged on the left of Lew. Wallace all day. Sherman was wounded on Sunday, but kept the field until the enemy retired on Monday.

First Brigade - Colonel John D. McDowell

Second Brigade - Colonel David Stuart

Third Brigade - Colonel Jesse Hildebrand

Fourth Brigade - Colonel Ralph P. Buckland

Artillery - Major Ezra Taylor